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Viscor WavePort

There is no reason to suffer with poor visible light during visually challenging tasks such as surgery just to have continuous disinfection. Old technologies such as visible light disinfection (VLD), compromises the white light by accentuating the purple spectrum during occupancy. WavePort harnesses the power of 365DisInFx™ to provide continuous disinfection without conceding the visible light quality. A pure white light that staff members find clinically familiar is necessary for the proper monitoring of patient health. Poor quality of light in clinical or laboratory settings can hinder the recognition of visual health indicators, preventing proper diagnosis for the patient.

BetaCalco Flute

FLUTE’s shape shifts the traditional block form factor into a cutting-edge cyber style. The fluting along the flank emits a side glow that radiates an electrifying detail and provides a lightweight appearance to an already compact form factor. The hourglass contour jacks up profile design with an aerodynamic quality. FLUTE is the optimal complement for tech-age modern design and interiors with intricate detailing.

Boca Flasher Nano HD

The Boca Flasher’s Nano HD is the latest addition to the popular NanoLume family. The Nano HD is built with a robust aluminum housing allowing for higher output performance and use in even the most difficult indoor applications. It is a line voltage fixture perfect for Cove Lighting, Wall grazing or Task Lighting in areas where space, output and energy consumption are a factor. The Nano HD utilizes the Boca Flex Connect system for ease of installation. Boca Flasher’s CleanDim® technology ensures even dimming from 0-100%. The Nano HD can be fabricated with a range of color temperature choices, optics and accessories affording a multitude of options.




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