Featured Products

Finelite HPO

The HPO LED pendant luminaire is an advanced solution delivering unprecedented performance from a micro round form factor. Unlocking the potential for new design capabilities, HPO offers unique aesthetic options from a flush or round lens and provides uniform glare-free illumination.

Beta Calco Le Louvre

Design Patent Pending Le Louvre features a stunning three-dimensional diagonal louver structure that gives the profile a closed appearance when the light is switched off and an open appearance when the light source is on. Compared to basic diffuser-based downlight solutions, Le Louvre also has the advantage of offering improved visual comfort with a Unified…

Meteor Lighting Dot Series

Distinguished & High performing, the Dot series from Meteor Lighting is a micro cylinder available in 1.5” to 3.5” apertures. It’s small, but powerful form factor delivers up to 2000 lumens of glare-free diffused light. Field replaceable optics with honeycomb louver and solite lens options allow for harmonious beam control. Dot’s cutting-edge finish, and multiple…

LODES Jefferson

The Jefferson suspension lamp designed by Luca Nichetto is reminiscent of music and iconic images in psychedelic works of art from the 1960s. The vortex motif decorating the diffuser is embellished by the timeless classicism of Bohemian crystal, which diffuses evocative atmospheres of light. Dynamic in its many sizes and multiple compositions, Jefferson’s elegance keeps…


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