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Archi Color Atria Scene

Meteor’s Atria 8 Cylinder

The Atria 8 offers a versatile lumen package, ranging from 11,000 lm to 20,000 lm, which guarantees high-performance illumination across various architectural spaces, and mounting heights. Its dynamic dimming options include 0-10V dimming down to 1%, forward or reverse phase dimming down to 1%, and DMX dimming down to an exceptional 0.1%. Furthermore, optics are available in Narrow (30°) to Wide (80°), and compatibility with diverse mounting options, allow for tailored installations. As with all Atria series cylinders, the Atria 8 comes standard with our VX™ driver that offers video flicker-free illumination no matter the configuration.

T40 Launch 5

Lumenture’s T40

The World’s Smallest High-Output, Line Voltage Track Fixture is Here. The T40 from Lumenture sets new standards for powerful output from a small form-factor. Its compact and low-profile modern design makes it ideal for small-scale applications. The T40 is available in both round and square configurations, maximizing your design freedom. Both product shapes have the threaded accessory holder, and are compatible with snoots and added lens accessories.

ODLM Isolite

Isolite’s ODLM Mullion Mount Emergency Egress

The ODLM has a very low profile extruded aluminum housing of a 2″ diameter and a gasketed mounting bracket that blend seamlessly with structural metal frames. It has a remote power supply for 10W and 20W EM and AC model single fixtures. With its certified IP66 housing and waterproof compression seal for universal wall or top mount, it withstands multi direction water spray and fine dust ingress. Isolite also came out with an aesthetically matching product (ODLE) for situations where mullion mount is not required.




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