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Juice Bar Charger

JuiceBar’s Gen 3 Level 2 EV Charger

Designed to accommodate the growing demands of mass-market EV adoption. JuiceBar’s COMMERCIAL GRADE, Gen 3 Series provides the safest and most reliable EV charging experience on the market.

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CSL’s Whisper

Quiet on the ceiling. Powerful on performance. CSL Whisper™ is powered by CSL’s proprietary SilentVu™ optic technology, which allows it to produce exceptionally high-quality light for general, task, or accent lighting from a footprint smaller than a dime. The goal: to draw your eye to the thoughtfully designed space, not the ceiling.

Meteor’s Rev Flex

Meteor’s Rev Flex

Introducing the Rev Flex Series — a revolutionary range of adjustable recessed downlights from Meteor, designed to provide seamless integration into any space, on-site adjustability, whilst delivering exceptional luminosity in an aesthetically clean design.




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