Website Light Connect July 15th

Week of July 15th

Certolux is back with their maximum performance cleanroom luminaire-boasting high efficacy LEDs directly coupled to radiating surfaces, ensuring a remarkable lifespan while providing up to 57,000 lumens. Q-tran is now QTL. Check out the Blake Collection from AFX Lighting.

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Website Light Connect July 8th

Week of July 8th

Glow Combo from lightly is a sustainable luminaire like no-other, and 95% biodegradable. We now proudly represent Hudson Valley Lighting Group-a one stop show for the most comprehensive selection of lighting. Beacon’s Viper family has expanded to include wall products!

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Website Light Connect June 24th

Week of June 24th

A re-cap of the month of June and more! Easy Space by iGuzzini might just be a game changer in lighting technology. The innovative Opti Diamond optics illuminate your space with the glow of a diamond- lavish and comfortable. Check out OmniSky by Omnify-a fabric light box system that will transform any space. Looking for something that will withstand high ambient temperatures? Certolux has you covered with their new sealed high temperature high bay.

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