Light Connect May 22nd

Week of May 22nd

Along with a re-cap for the month of May, we have the new WEP Light shape from Bruck Lighting called “Victoria”. Our featured manufacturer is DCWeditions -a producer of objects whose roots are in the past, whose use is in the present and whose vision is for the future. Our designer of the week is Andrea Lazzari, the industrial designer who collaborated with Sylcom to create “Mask”. Learn about the evolution of warm-dim and tunable white technology with Q-tran. And finally, check out the latest webinar from Isolite on their new E3MAX Inverter.

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Light Connect May 15th

Week of May 15th

Meet CSL’s Whisper, the ½” aperture LED recessed downlight built for today’s clean, quiet ceiling designs. Our weekly manufacturer is Omnify-the makers of the world’s first embedded light guided panel. Learn about the designer behind the popular Lune fixture from Estiluz. Looking for the most diverse and flexible track system for your project-check out ControlTrack from Lighting Services Inc.

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Light Connect May 8th

Week of May 8th

Rebelle released their new landscape bollard called RTx4 which comes with a shielded asymmetric light distribution for optimal visual comfort. This week we are featuring the Italian brand OLEV off of our line-card. Learn about Joe Colombo, the Milanese designer known for his “futuristic” style who to this day, almost fifty years after his death, has iconic products that never cease to amaze. Take a tour of the beautiful project “Espenes” in Norway featuring LEDLinear lighting products. We end our week with B-K Lighting’s handy Low Voltage calculator to help you with sizing your wire for low-voltage lighting.

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Light Connect May 1st

Week of May 1st

We are excited to announce that we are the new representative of CSL Lighting. Make sure to check them out on this week’s Featured Manufacturer. Our product spotlight is the Lync linear from Nulite. Another gorgeous Vibia luminaire sets the stage this week; learn about Note Design Studio who designed it! Omnify shares their tips on when to consider alternate backlighting options. Lastly, let’s take a look at EV Chargers for Municipalities with JuiceBar!

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Light Connect April 24th

Week of April 24th

Lots to cover in the month of APRIL. In addition to a re-cap of our last three campaigns, this week we feature the Modux Steplight from LuxR. Our featured manufacturer is Nulite. Learn about Baldessari e Baldessari’s CLIP pendant for ModoLuce. Our Technical Spotlight features a really cool installation from Traxon/eCue of an Urban Symphony. Rounding out the week we have a case study from AEI Lighting on Mesa Airlines.

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Light Connect April 17th

Week of April 17th

Spring brings on the Superblooms! Check out We-ef’s case study on Lighting the Tower’s Flowers in our Technical Spotlight this week. Our featured product is FELIX from BetaCalco. Learn more about JuiceBarEV under our featured manufacturer. For our contractors, don’t forget to look to Startek for up to 500’ of linear lighting shipping within 5 days!

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Light Connect April 10th

Week of April 10th

Sistemalux releases yet another simple and sleek steplight to their collection-5CENTO. Our featured manufacturer this week is New Star Lighting. Inspired by astral motion, Nika Zupanc’s Elara was created for Lodes. Learn about Zupanc in this week’s Who Designed it Wednesday. For our technical spotlight we are taking aim at focused lighting in the retail space with Lumenture. Finally, learn about how to brighten up small parking lots with SEPCO Solar Lighting.

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Light Connect April 3rd

Week of April 3rd

“Bubbles” is a cool new pendant from Arancia. Learn about our featured manufacturer of the week, MP Lighting. Jakob Wagner shares his inspiration for RIPLS designed for Louis Poulsen. Learn about Natatorium Lighting with Meteor’s case study of Kalamazoo College. Lastly, what is a Dynastrip?-Hilumz has the answer.

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Light Connect March 27th

Week of March 27th

It’s SPRING, and the last couple months we have started representing a few more great manufacturers! With a re-cap of March, we are also featuring a new product from AFX called “EDGE”. We reviewed ModoLuce in our featured manufacturer, and from Intra Lighting we take a look at the designer behind the Dawn Suspension. Learn about Vivarium Lighting with Newstar in the technical spotlight, and the Value Highbay from Spitzer in our Contractor Corner.

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