Website Light Connect May 20th

Week of May 20th

Nulite is in Arizona this week, and we are featuring their popular Regolo family. If you are lucky enough to have scheduled a spot to see them, you will get a sneak peek at the exciting new additions to this family. Estiluz introduces a new and fun interpretation of their Volta fixture called Volta x Memphis. Finally, check out the 360 degree bendable light engine called FLEXILE by Tivoli.

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Website Light Connect May 13th

Week of May 13th

Array from VIBIA is an exploration of thread and its potential to create lightweight and dynamic sculptures of light. Learn about simulated windows & skylights with LIGHTGLASS. Traxon brings Cove Light Plus, a new AC Powered cove to the table with a lot of great features.

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Website Light Connect May 6th

Week of May 6th

But what if the planets were nothing more than soap bubbles that have remained intact as they travel through time? That’s FOCUS designed by Yuji Okitsu for DCWeditions. Our spotlights this week include the Kao Wall Mount from Barn Light Electric and The Naturals collection from Focal Point.

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