Light Connect July 24th

Week of July 24th

Product Spotlight: OUTLINE by Visioneering, Featured Manufacturer: Ragni Lighting, Who designed it Wednesday?: Virginia Cei’s Aurora for Italamp, Technical Spotlight: How to Use Innovative LED Lighting & Controls for a More Productive, Safe and Efficient Facility, Contractor Corner: Delta H High Bay from Alphabet

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Light Connect July 17th

Week of July 17th

Product Spotlight: TERRA LINEAR inground from Acclaim, Featured Manufacturer: Q-Tran, Who designed it Wednesday?: Elisa Carlucci’s Anders for Alora Lighting, Technical Spotlight: A total Eclipse, Contractor Corner: Shining a Light on the Advantages of Solar Outdoor Lighting

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Light Connect July 10th

Week of July 10th

Product Spotlight: BUZZI JET XL from Tegan, Featured Manufacturer: Prima Lighting, Who designed it Wednesday?: Wilsonic Design’s Biba for Intra Lighting, Technical Spotlight: Connected Solutions with Focal Point, Contractor Corner: Tenmat’s FF109-350 Fire Rated Covers

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Light Connect June 26th

Week of June 26th

Along with a re-cap for the month of May, Product Spotlight: Lazerblade In-Out, Featured Manufacturer: Lightly, Who designed it Wednesday?: Brad Ascalon’s Crosshatch for B.Lux, Lighting Design for the curious mind: The Role of LED Lighting and Controls in the Circular Economy with Boca Lighting,  Contractor Corner: Isolite’s 15 minute Chalk Talk “Shedding light on inverter derating”

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Light Connect June 19th

Week of June 19th

Product Spotlight: ODLM (Mullion Mount Emergency Light), Featured Manufacturer: PoleLED, Who designed it Wednesday?: Marco Spatti’s Levante for Luceplan, Lighting Design for the curious mind: Bouncing off the walls: How interiors can benefit from indirect lighting,  Contractor Corner: Daintree EZ Connect

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Light Connect June 12th

Week of June 12th

Product Spotlight: LIA, Featured Manufacturer: Point Lighting, Who designed it Wednesday?: Lee Broom’s Requiem Ring, Technical Spotlight: “Emergency Lighting is not One Size Fits All” with Lutron, Contractor Corner: JLC-Tech Pin-Up: DC Micro Grids

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Light Connect June 5th

Week of June 5th

Product Spotlight: LUMIPANO, Featured Manufacturer: Peachtree Lighting, Who designed it Wednesday?: Dominique-Perrault & Gaelle Lauriot-Prevost’s “In the Tube 360” for DCW Editions, Lighting Design for the curious mind: Framing Spaces with Plusminus from Vibia, Contractor Corner: Tour the Lutron App for Athena Lighting Control System

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Light Connect May 22nd

Week of May 22nd

Along with a re-cap for the month of May, we have the new WEP Light shape from Bruck Lighting called “Victoria”. Our featured manufacturer is DCWeditions -a producer of objects whose roots are in the past, whose use is in the present and whose vision is for the future. Our designer of the week is Andrea Lazzari, the industrial designer who collaborated with Sylcom to create “Mask”. Learn about the evolution of warm-dim and tunable white technology with Q-tran. And finally, check out the latest webinar from Isolite on their new E3MAX Inverter.

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Light Connect May 15th

Week of May 15th

Meet CSL’s Whisper, the ½” aperture LED recessed downlight built for today’s clean, quiet ceiling designs. Our weekly manufacturer is Omnify-the makers of the world’s first embedded light guided panel. Learn about the designer behind the popular Lune fixture from Estiluz. Looking for the most diverse and flexible track system for your project-check out ControlTrack from Lighting Services Inc.

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