ODLM Isolite

Isolite’s ODLM Mullion Mount Emergency Egress

The ODLM has a very low profile extruded aluminum housing of a 2″ diameter and a gasketed mounting bracket that blend seamlessly with structural metal frames. It has a remote power supply for 10W and 20W EM and AC model single fixtures. With its certified IP66 housing and waterproof compression seal for universal wall or top mount, it withstands multi direction water spray and fine dust ingress. Isolite also came out with an aesthetically matching product (ODLE) for situations where mullion mount is not required.


Terra Linear

Acclaim’s Terra Linear

Terra Linear is Acclaim’s brand-new in-ground linear series powered by Acclaim’s XTR technology. XTR tech allows for linear runs of up to 1400’ from a single driver and can automatically adapt to any voltage from 100-277 volts AC. It features a low profile design of just under 3” wide, is drive-over and walk-over rated, and features an anti-slip coating as standard. The direct-view version gives you an incredibly clean, dot-free LED marker light for pathways and driveways.


Intra Lighting Biba 3d Model Max

Intra’s Biba

Individual or in a matching composition, sophistication it’s the look you are getting. Think about Biba if you’re planning an elegant restaurant, minimalistic hotel lobby, Scandinavian inspired bar, urban retail or even your home dining room and let it suit your taste. Combine shapes and colors in an endless fusion of possibilities, which will lead you from simple and sophisticated, to a luminaire that lets your ideas fly.


Juice Bar Charger

JuiceBar’s Gen 3 Level 2 EV Charger

Designed to accommodate the growing demands of mass-market EV adoption. JuiceBar’s COMMERCIAL GRADE, Gen 3 Series provides the safest and most reliable EV charging experience on the market.


Whisper 1 Top Product Page

CSL’s Whisper

Quiet on the ceiling. Powerful on performance. CSL Whisper™ is powered by CSL’s proprietary SilentVu™ optic technology, which allows it to produce exceptionally high-quality light for general, task, or accent lighting from a footprint smaller than a dime. The goal: to draw your eye to the thoughtfully designed space, not the ceiling.


Meteor’s Rev Flex

Meteor’s Rev Flex

Introducing the Rev Flex Series — a revolutionary range of adjustable recessed downlights from Meteor, designed to provide seamless integration into any space, on-site adjustability, whilst delivering exceptional luminosity in an aesthetically clean design.


3 inch Pendant Flair

Lumenwerx’s Flair Cylinder

The Flair Cylinder family is a series of pendant, surface, and wall mounted decorative luminaires featuring refined proportions, attention to detail, and minimalist versatility. It consists of the Flair Sleeve, Flair Diffuser, and Flair Glow Ring. The Flair Diffuser is available in 2″ or 3″ diameters, while the Flair Sleeve and Flair Glow Ring are available in 3″ diameters only.


VAST Palette Product

Tivoli’s Vast Cove Light-Palette

VAST Palette is a DMX with RDM (remote device management) protocol and a self-ballasted 120V-277V AC feature. Available in multiple RGB+W CCTs and flexible connectors to accommodate curved applications.


Space 2.0

Insight’s Structure Space 2.0

Structure Space 2.0 features an evolution of Insight’s popular luminous linear modules with increases in luminaire efficiency and elegance. Space 2.0 offers white light and color-changing options in direct or direct/ indirect configurations with improved mounting hub designs that allow for easier installation of rectangular shapes or angle configurations. Space 2.0 also features the proprietary acrylic etching to enhance the visual comfort of the light.



Vibia’s Plusminus

Sistemalux’s pole mounted series of luminaires for urban lighting. Elegant minimal design blends in modern architectural environment.