Glow Combo Website Image

Lightly’s GLOW COMBO

Lightly glow indirect / direct challenges traditional luminaire design, typically reliant on translucent diffusers to distribute light. Instead, it delivers individually addressable indirect / direct optical distributions. The fixture utilizes two light sources for direct, and two light sources for indirect with internal reflection to deliver a low-glare glowing illumination without needing plastic diffusers.


DX Driver Panels Website Image


What makes the new DX Driver Panel family from LEDRA so great? It makes driver maintenance simple! You can access all your drivers in one place with a range of up to 330 ft away.


Pyrymyd Website Image

Intra Lighting’s PYRYMYD

You can finally forget about those unaesthetic acoustic ceilings. Here is Pyrymyd, an advanced all-in one product, able to create various scenarios and personalized micro ambiances. Therefore, it is a perfect pick for offices and large open spaces. 3D eco-friendly acoustic panels are made from 100 % recyclable fiber, in order to guarantee an echo-friendly acoustic performance. And above all things, it provides efficient homogeneous light distribution.


First Link Website Image

Bodine’s First Link

FirstLink is a complete and fully code compliant connected emergency egress lighting system comprised of FirstLink enabled exit signs, unit equipment, emergency LED drivers and the FirstLink application. The FirstLink app provides easy and instant access to the status of your system. Simply open the FirstLink app to view and download the condition of all FirstLink devices. Reports can be easily exported to prove the system status is 100%.


USArch Website Image


Contemporary sculptured wall mount that rounds out the Pacifica™ family and supplements the cohesive finishing touch of design consistency. The PAC-WM, with its lens free design, features excellent fixture brightness control for the optical system. Precision cast aluminum body. Stainless steel hardware. Polyester powdercoat finish.


Acclaim Website Image

Acclaim’s TERRA DRUM

The Terra Drum series are rugged, drive-over-ready fixtures designed for all-weather in-ground applications. Available in three sizes, these IP68-rated fixtures are particularly suited to recessed facade and tree lighting applications. The wide range of emitter and optic options amount to an impressive ninety combinations to ensure a precise fit with your installation. Additionally, our Terra-Tilt adjuster allows you to fine-tune the beam position once each fixture is in place, without compromising the environmental protection.


Lumenture Website Image

Lumenture’s T40

The T40 track cylinder is designed to blend seamlessly into a wide range of environments – including retail, commercial, restaurant and hospitality settings. The T40 comes standard with Lumenture’s patent-pending, low-profile mini track adapter and is available in both round and square designs. Specification level details – including no exposed hardware, special attention to finish and the ability to integrate a number of accessories – make the T40 one of the leading-edge track heads on the market.


Q Tran Website Image


QUOVA-STANDARD creates a cove for many of the fixtures and LED strips you know and love. Light engines are hidden within the small pre-made coves, eliminating glare. QUOVA can be installed early in the construction process, with light fixtures added after finishing work is complete. This allows for a simple and fast installation.


Insight Website Image

Insight’s VIGA

Inspired by the parallel wooden beams used in adobe architecture, Viga features a sleek, minimalist design that is both stylish and functional. Viga is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.


Zaniboni Website Image

Zaniboni’s MINI RDW

The asymmetric 1″ inch aperture miniature recessed wall washer for drywall – experience enhanced brightness and exceptional consistency as it illuminates vertical surfaces with a higher lumen output and improved uniformity.