Kim Altitude

Altitude® is the perfect blend of form, performance, integration and quality. The low profile, one-piece die cast housing is offered in three proportional sizes for scalability to meet a broad range of site lighting applications.


Lumenwerx Acoustix

The complete ACOUSTIX lineup includes nine state-of-the-art luminaires, each integrated with one of two sound-dampening systems: precision-machined acoustic felt panels, or the company’s own patent-pending EchoCore™. Featured in the Audia, EchoCore™ uses Helmholtz resonator principles to actively trap sound waves.


Ligman Odessa Floodlight

The Odessa family of floodlights have a modern aesthetic design and are a perfect lighting solution for most small to medium size spotlights and floodlight requirements. The floodlights can be aimed and locked in place to highlight specific features or elements in the environment, as well as provide secuirty when illuminating dark areas on campuses…


Focal Point Blume

Inspired by mother nature, Blume is an architectural pendant that adds a flourish of color and delivers optimal illumination while quieting a space.


Puro Lighting Helo

The Helo F2 uses high intensity full spectrum UV, including germicidal UV-C, and anti-bacterial UV-B and UV-A to effectively kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and limit the growth of fungi on surfaces and in the air in a matter of minutes.


Barnlight Milan

THE MILAN by Barn Light

From urban and chic to industrial-inspired spaces, the Milan was created with the latest styles in mind. To establish this fashionable and versatile design, the Milan hangs an eye-catching slanted shade from an industrial mounting.

BarnLight Oct (1-3) Bev Dahl


Laser Blade

Laser Blade XS by Sistemalux

The smallest linear downlight, has evolved even to
the point of including a low-voltage track version
with a variety of applicational possibilities.

Sistemalux / iGuzzini Oct (15-16) Jim Simunaci



Albero by iGuzzini

The perfect combination of nature and artifice. A device with a natural shape that blends perfectly with any environment, while also offering advanced technology and innumerable functional innovations. Functional lighting, security cameras, photovoltaic panels and much more, all contained in a “”natural”” design.

Sistemalux / iGuzzini Oct (15-16) Jim Simunaci


WARP HEMI by BetaCalco

Our dual circuit luminaire delivers high efficiency diffused, spot and direct light, allowing you to transition from general ambient to mood lighting. Available in two sizes 18″ & 24″, the Warp family offers two styles of pendant plus a ceiling mounted version. The color temperature of each light source can be individually selected to deliver an effect best suited to the application.

BetaCalco Oct (29-31) Dale Konrath


CTL19 Stealth Series

Stealth Series by ConTech

High performance, eco-friendly LED track fixture delivering up to 3500 lumens in a smooth wide beam providing excellent uniformity; well suited for any wall lighting application.

*Canopy Mount is New*

Contech Sept (17-19) Pete Morales