Laser Blade

Laser Blade XS by Sistemalux

The smallest linear downlight, has evolved even to
the point of including a low-voltage track version
with a variety of applicational possibilities.

Sistemalux / iGuzzini Oct (15-16) Jim Simunaci


Barnlight Milan

THE MILAN by Barn Light

From urban and chic to industrial-inspired spaces, the Milan was created with the latest styles in mind. To establish this fashionable and versatile design, the Milan hangs an eye-catching slanted shade from an industrial mounting.

BarnLight Oct (1-3) Bev Dahl


HEX by Lumenwerx

Hex is the distinctive and flexible six-sided luminaire for creative designs. Cell configuration determines distribution and overall light output.


Flindt by Louis Poulsen

The light distribution is directed downward on one side of the bollard. The flared aperture creates an organic shaped light pattern covering nearly 180°. Two COB LEDs are housed in the top of the fixture and is shielded from direct view for glare control. The fixture can be horizontally rotated 20° and locked after the base plate is installed for optimal positioning.


NU Vector Series by Alphabet

NU Series is constructed of an advanced, UL fire rated, organic polymer material to efficiently broadcast wireless signals through the trim and housing. This allows the ALPHABET iOT initiative to move forward integrating and enabling the top Bluetooth® and proprietary MESH controls protocols on the market.


Ouro Family by KIM Lighting

Ouro is a seamless blend of elegant form, performance, visual comfort, controls, scalability and mounting options to enhance the environment in which they occupy.


Skydome Edge Acoustic

Designed to accommodate diverse commercial spaces: airport concourses, large lobbies, reception areas, conference rooms and open workspaces. Use together with illuminated companions for a complete, coordinated lighting and acoustic system, controlling sound levels while providing optimal illumination levels.


PowerHUBB™ Software Suite

PowerHUBB software can scale from basic lighting control to advanced cloud based analytics. The analytics provide building automation integration and IoT application development to deliver smart building solutions that help improve decision making, and the bottom line.