Website Light Connect April 8th

Week of April 8th

JLC-Tech releases all new features to their popular T-BAR RGBW! Get some tips on selecting the right pendants for your project from MP Lighting. Bodine brings a new emergency system to the table called First Link, making emergency code compliance easier than ever. Don’t forget to check out who is in town the next few weeks!

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Website Light Connect April 1st

Week of April 1st

Light Connect- April Fool’s Edition. Arizona Lighting Sales announced on April 1st, their first introduction into the manufacturing realm, “The Percolighter”. A new take on their value of performance in both light quality, and caffeine delivery.

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Website Light Connect March 25th

Week of March 25th

We had a wonderful time with all of our clients & manufacturers that came out this month to support our annual Spring Training events. Thank you so much for coming to our office to see new products, and spend time together!

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