Laverd by Estiluz

The chandelier re-imagined as a stylized wheel, with cylindrical lamps which can project light up and down. Laverd is offered in two sizes that can be combined or vertically connected. A central element suspended from steel cables permits the creation of different shapes.

Ragni Lighting Lampion

Designed for Dark Sky Compliant decorative lighting, Lampion combines a cylindrical tealight-style lamp and welded decorative bracket. The luminaire is in the form of a perforated stainless steel cage, and boasts a variety of different customization options.

Focal Point’s Eave

With its simple form factor accentuated by a gentle slope that creates a wider bottom lens opening, Eave is a versatile and comfortable decorative acoustic pendant that will complement a variety of interiors. Made of real wood veneer, the end caps and matching canopies adorn the luminaire with the warmth and subtle woodgrain of rift…

Puro Aurora UV Air Fan

Professional High-Performance UV-C Air Purifier w/ TiOx Filter Catalyzer. The Aurora oxidizes contaminants on the spot. Powerful enough to cover approximately 3,500 cubic feet. Great for larger spaces like classrooms, offices, gyms/locker rooms, restaurants and more. Both mobile and installed options available.

Stan “The Man” Heywood

On Thursday, February 11th, we said goodbye to one of our dearest friends and colleague of 33 years. Stan became known as Stan ‘The Lunch Man’ Heywood. He spent those years as a friend and mentor to everyone at Arizona Lighting Sales as well as the engineering community. Please join us in remembering Stan and…

Lumenture HL110 Hallway Lights

Hallway lighting is necessary and should be as discreet and functional as possible. Although hallway lighting generally lacks a central focal point, they can set the mood for how customers feel in your space. By combining custom reflectors, molded from 98 percent reflective polymer, with advanced diffusers that enhance on-axis brightness, the Lumenture HL110 delivers…

iGuzzini Blade R

Blade R is a masterpiece of precision that integrates perfectly into architecture as never before: a jewel of precision that turns light into an element of formal and functional fusion with architecture. Architects designing spaces have the task of combining elements and functions through harmonious integration, thereby ensuring overall value and liveability of the architectural…

Finelite HPO

The HPO LED pendant luminaire is an advanced solution delivering unprecedented performance from a micro round form factor. Unlocking the potential for new design capabilities, HPO offers unique aesthetic options from a flush or round lens and provides uniform glare-free illumination.